Heritage matters

In the UK, our heritage is all around us, with over 400,000 registered heritage buildings and sites. We have had the honour of looking after a number of iconic sites in the South West since 2017.


If you build it, they will come

There are over 75 million visits to heritage sites every year, with over 70 per cent of both adults and children visiting at least one place. But with great success comes great responsibility.

The sector has a large number of unique challenges in keeping buildings and places safe, along with the staff, volunteers and visitors.

Delivering for the heritage sector

The places we look after

We care for a number of historic sites, including Tintagel Castle and Pendennis Castle, and are immensely proud of the part we play.

We’ve got the experience you need

From fragile infrastructure and building fabric, to ancient sites that require constant, and expensive, upkeep, we understand how to care for heritage places.

High value sites with out-of-date systems

We’re accustomed to dealing with high value properties with stringent insurance requirements. And at the same time, taking care of cranky old heating and tech/IT systems.

We’ve got your compliance covered

We understand the importance of high quality maintenance, particularly with regard to the risk of third party (visitor) injury.