Safety first

There are over 300,000 retail outlets in the UK, each one requiring the highest standard of facilities management to ensure statutory and commercial compliance.


High street and online sales

The total value of sales in the UK retail sector are approximately £400 billion per year. The sector generates 5 percent of the country’s total GDP and employs 2.9 million people.

Challenges we often see include multiple sites across wide areas, ageing building stock and very high compliance requirements.

Delivering for the retail sector

We support a national retailer with over 22,000 staff

We deliver a proactive service, ensuring that statutory and commercial compliance is achieved without fail across nearly 200 stores.

Protecting our clients with a full range of services

We support the national retailer with planned maintenance works or as reactive, emergency tasks that demands a fast turnaround.

We work around your schedule

Large retailers often run 24/7 operations, including night time restocking – we work around this lack of downtime to maintain key facilities.

Keeping your business safe and secure

Maintenance of entrance and exit areas is key to preventing shoplifting and other theft, while working ventilation and heating systems prevent produce spoiling.